• 05 Oct, 2023


Christmas In the Ashram

Christmas is celebrated as the festival of Light at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram in Pondicherry. An introduction to the Festival of Light in the words of an Ashram resident.

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Radha Prem as Universal Love

The two meanings of Radhaprem are the two sides of the cosmic process — On the one side there is the Divine will that Bliss should be manifested and on the other side there is the self giving, the making of everything to centre in Sri Krishna so that the world may be the vessel of that Bliss...

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Sans Sanskrit What Is Prakrit?

The ancient Indian understanding of Sanskrit is that it is devbhasha, it comes from a consciousness above the human mentality, where the sounds are not separate from meaning or image, and the grammar, morphology and vocabulary is intimately one with the consciousness...

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