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Song Of The Sanyasin
A Morphology of Vedic Creation Hymns
The Great Vedic Gods
Sanatan Dharma, a Quest for Truth
The Never-dying Fire
Sri Aurobindo, the Never-dying Fire
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The Metaphor of Deepavali

Deepavali, or Diwali as commonly known, will be celebrated on the 12th of November this year. What is the inner, or spiritual, significance of Diwali in Sanatan Dharma? An excerpt from Partho's latest book.

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The Vedanta In All Its Phases-1

The first of a four part series on Vedanta from Swami Vivekananda’s famous ‘Calcutta address on Vedanta’ delivered in Calcutta on January 19, 1897. This talk marks a significant moment in Swamiji’s life and is considered one of his most important speeches on Vedanta, where he explains some significant aspects of Sanatan Dharma

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Dialogues on Dharma-1

A series of conversations on Sanatan Dharma and Vedanta between our editors, Dr Singh and Partho. This is the first conversation in the series, describing the initial process of Vedanta

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Reflections on the Self

Self-contemplation and understanding: the way of atma-vichara. What or who am I? Where does this query lead? Is there a reality behind the outer form and personality. A Vedantic investigation.

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सनातन वर्णन के निर्माण की ओर

आज की तत्काल आवश्यकता है की आध्यात्मिक एवं बौधिक स्तर पर विकसित लोग सनातन धर्म के लिए खड़े हो, उसकी रक्षा करें और उसके प्रवक्ता और वार्ताकार बनें।

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The Semiology of Veda

The Vedas may be approached from diverse perspectives, each adding yet another dimension to our understanding of the Vedas. We present here a semiological perspective on the Veda.

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Editors’ Choice

“What is the use of writing anything if there is not a will which finally moulds chaos itself into a race of gods.”

Taking Responsibility
The Divine Mother
Sri Aurobindo And India’s Destiny
Radha Prem as Universal Love
From a Son to His Father
The Human Body – a Spiritual View


Dharma through literature

Madhusudan’s Bowl
The Little Bird
Garuda's Compassion
Sitting Still, Doing Nothing
For A Piece Of Loin-Cloth